The Oman American Business Council (OABC), in collaboration with its member, Ascend Consulting, successfully hosted a morning workshop on “Redefining HR Leadership: The Power of EQ & Coaching for HR Professionals” on Tuesday, February 20, at Crowne Plaza Qurum.

This workshop had a fantastic turnout of OABC members who immersed themselves in engaging discussions and gained invaluable insights into the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and coaching. Attendees delved into understanding EI and its five domains, assessed their own EI levels, and explored the link between EI and business success. Additionally, participants honed their coaching skills for effective managerial practices and learned practical applications of coaching in the workplace through a live demonstration.

A big thank you to Coach Farzeen from Ascend Consulting for the exceptional presentation, guiding us through the complexities of modern HR management.

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