U.S. Export Compass

OABC is here to support your business in exporting from Oman to the USA!

The support is part of an annual package created to provide focused support for each step of the journey from A to Z. We can help you prepare your product for the U.S market, connect with logistics providers to find the right solutions, and organize meetings with U.S. buyers. U.S. Export Compass Members receive:

  1. Access to our trade professionals and experts – OABC professionals and experts will be available to you throughout the program to help solve your queries and help you prepare and reach your goal to export to the US market. This includes market research, export planning, trade compliance and dispute resolution. This can help your business to avoid costly mistakes and ensure that your company’s international trade transactions are successful. 
  2. Export readiness assessment – The OABC team will visit your company’s facilities and assess the plant, process, people, etc. A discussion will be held regarding the observations and gaps found during the visit in regard to expectations by U.S. buyers. OABC will also deliver a report of the same to guide your team to be better prepared for exporting to the U.S. market. 
  3. Post assessment guidance to bring changes to prepare for export- The OABC team will provide constant guidance after the assessment to help your team to make sound decisions and changes in your company’s facilities to make the end product or service more appropriate for the US market. This will include reassessments after the necessary changes in the processes are made.
  4. Matchmaking- The OABC team will constantly be arranging a list of traders, partners and customers in the US and will provide them to your team to study and filter. The OABC team will then work on arranging video meetings with them (B2B, B2C) and when talks progress, a one to one meeting during trade shows or mutual visits will be arranged.
  5. Channeling to the right industry leaders and government agencies to support in export – The OABC will hold informative sessions exclusively for your team to find any support system, schemes or incentives which can support your company to export to the U.S. These can include local and national authorities in the US and industry associations in the U.S. relevant to your product. OABC will also recommend incentives which are provided within Oman for exporters.
  6. Support to visit industry trade shows and exhibitions in the U.S., Oman and the region – Your team members will be supported by OABC wherein your subscription will cover visits to trade shows and exhibitions relevant to your product or service. These events can be in the U.S. or the MENA region wherein an expert from OABC will go along with your team for formal introduction and support. OABC will arrange additional meetings for you at the event with potential partners and customers.
  7. Education sessions to learn about exporting, logistics, market trends, regulatory changes and financing- Sessions with experts will be held for your team to understand about your customers and the U.S. market. Along with that, recommended logistics partners will help you reduce shipping costs and improve shipping times. A detailed analysis will be done to study market trends and regulations for your company’s products and services considering your target audience. 
  8. Assistance in getting certifications, tests, compliance requirements – OABC will help your company to understand certifications and compliance requirements to supply in the U.S. market. OABC will also guide your team in obtaining certifications locally or regionally to make the process quicker and more economical. We will introduce you to legal experts who can provide additional support if needed.
  9. Promotion of your business by OABC on the local, regional and global level – OABC will give first priority to promote your business through our network and promotion channels (website, WhatsApp, etc.). The OABC team will actively promote your company’s goods and services with other AmChams and Chamber of Commerce offices in the GCC and the USA.
  10. Nurturing and development – After successfully launching your product in the US market, OABC experts will nurture this development and follow up with further promotion and use information from the initial trade to suggest improvements for increasing the chances of new and repeat orders from the US market.
  11. Progress tracking and logging- Your team will receive constant updates on the progress they made under this program. This will consist of a weekly mail and a monthly report highlighting the updates and development made from time to time.


To know more about this program, please contact Mr. Harshal Dutia:

Phone number: +968 9325 9326

E-mail: harshal@oabc.org