The 24 Stars

24 stars

Back in 1833…

The OABC exists to foster economic and commercial development between the USA and the Sultanate of Oman, and is built upon a deep international friendship forged through centuries of trade and amity between the two nations. In fact, the United States’ interactions with the Sultanate of Oman were some of America’s earliest official dealings with the Middle East.

The 24 Stars

The OABC logo celebrates the first bilateral trade accord between the US and any Gulf state, signed in Muscat in 1833: The Treaty of Amity and Commerce. While you likely didn’t count them, you can notice the placement of 24 stars in the OABC logo: representing the 24 states that existed at the time of this notable treaty.

Read the timeline below to learn more about the historic relationship between the USA and Oman.

1790: The American ship, the Boston Rambler, sailed to the port of Muscat.
1833: The “Treaty of Amity and Commerce” signed in Muscat.
1840: The Sultan’s envoy Ahmad bin Na’aman sailed to New York on the Sultanah, – he was the first Arab diplomat accredited to the U.S.
1880: The U.S. established its first Consulate in Muscat.
1958: The “Treaty of Amity, Economic Relations, and Consular Rights” was signed in Salalah.
1972: US established its embassy in Oman.
1973: Oman opened its embassy in Washington D.C.
2003: Oman American Business Center opened in Muscat
2006: Free Trade Agreement signed to increase trade between the two nations.
2009: Free Trade Agreement came into effect – Oman’s first and only bilateral trade agreement
2018: Oman American Business Center joined the US Chamber of Commerce as the American Chamber of Oman

The OABC looks forward to continued a relationship of trade, commerce and amity between the two nations and will do our part to increase economic relations and aid businesses through our work.