Gateway Oman

Are you a U.S. company looking to find buyers in Oman?  Our tailored program helps you research your target market and connect with potential buyers.

Gateway Oman Program Includes:

1. Market Research Reports: OABC will provide details about Oman’s local market for your product or service.  These details include:

    • Import statistics of the last 3 years. 
    • Top 5-7 countries currently exporting your product or an alternate to Oman.
    • The major players in the Omani market for your product or service.
    • Distribution channels- Best methods to export and distribute in Oman, existing business models of your competitors to export into Oman (agents, free market, exclusive distributor), complete downstream analysis of your product.
    • Gaps which need to be filled in Oman using your product- Demand analysis, understanding the problems which your product will help fix in Oman, survey of your product requirement in Oman.

2. Market Overview Session with OABC: OABC will have a meeting with the U.S. company to give them an overview of the Omani market for their product, explain the benefits and challenges, and prepare them to meet Omani clients.

3. Buyer Research: Find 3-5 potential buyers for your product or service. These details include:

    • Buyer’s address, website, e-mail, phone numbers, contact person, etc.
    • Arrange a video call with the potential buyers.
    • Prepare your team (export manager, sales team) for the meeting by providing insights about the buyer, points to be aware of during the discussion.
    • Follow up with the buyers for a month after the video call on behalf of your company.


To register for the program or to discuss further, please contact Mr. Harshal Dutia: 

Phone number: +968 9325 9326