Vision & Mission

The Oman American Business Council (OABC) was founded in 2003 to foster the development of commercial activity between Oman and the United States, and to support the Oman business community through programs and events focused on professional development, thought leadership, and high-level networking.

As the official affiliate of the US Chamber of Commerce in Oman (AmCham Oman), the OABC promotes understanding, partnerships & other matters of mutual economic interest between business communities in Oman and the United States. The focal endeavor of the OABC is to provide a forum for the exchange of insights, information, ideas and direction with respect to increasing trade, commerce and investment between the two countries.

With 30 events annually, OABC is Oman’s most active business networking group. OABC’s membership of over 170 companies consists primarily of executives (81%), and each conference, seminar and networking evening provides members access and opportunities to meet other decision-makers in all sectors of the Oman economy face-to-face.