OABC U.S. Alumni Network

OABC U S Alumni Networking

The OABC U.S. Alumni Network provides a channel to stay in touch with the OABC and learn about annual events created for U.S. Alumni. We encourage you to share your email and join this mailing list.

If you’d like to engage further, please consider registering for an annual OABC membership for connection, business networking, and engaging in our international business community.

Paid membership includes invites to 30 events annually, from networking receptions and knowledge sharing seminars to Thanksgiving Dinner. You will also be introduced to a thriving, active community of other professionals who enjoy reaching out and connecting in Oman. We send our members business opportunities and key information about trade with the US, and keep them in the know about recent trends or events.

  • Network: As a member of the OABC, you will have many opportunities to connect with other individuals and companies in Oman at monthly gatherings, through Linked In and other platforms. You will meet all kinds of people interested to connect with you and discuss experiences or opportunities in Oman and the U.S.
  • Keep your connections to the U.S.: The OABC is a strong partner and friend of the US Embassy in Oman. As a member of the OABC, you will also be invited to other events hosted and organized by the OABC and the U.S. Embassy.
  • Visibility: Being part of a strong and attractive pool of talented professionals gives you visibility to important stakeholders in the Omani business community.
  • An opportunity to advocate for strong Oman-American relations: Being part of a group of professionals with experience and interest in Oman-American trade relations, you are in a strong position to advocate for even stronger ties between Oman and the U.S.

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