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OABC members recently gathered at the W Muscat for a delicious lunch and an important conversation presented by Sadad International, a new entity from the Bahwan Group.

Tom Cyriac, the Vice President of Sadad, shared critical tips to ensure corporate debts are paid on time, when and how to provide credit, and what causes overdue bills to accumulate. Mr. Cyriac has more than 30 years of experience giving credit and recovering debt and most recently has taken on the role of launching Sadad, a full-service debt collection company based in Oman. He shared his personal experience and best practices he has seen in Oman and the region. The presentation was followed by a lengthy Q&A session, while briefly covering how Sadad International can support businesses in recovering their debt.

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If you missed the presentation, you can access it here or let us know if you’d like to be in contact with Tom and the Sadad team.

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Plenty of business cards were exchanged and many new contacts were made as over 80 OABC members and guests joined our Speed Networking evening at the Crowne Plaza OCEC. The event was designed to accelerate the process of making business contacts in a fun environment and was inspired by many conversations with our members, understanding more about how the OABC can support their business. With many new businesses constantly joining the OABC, speed networking is a great equalizer: everyone has the same amount of time to talk and you are paired with people who you may never have met or people who tend to be shy or more quiet at traditional networking events.

Speed networking                                                                       unnamed

Participants spent more than one hour briefly meeting one on one and exchanging business cards. This was followed by a reception allowing them further those connections they made during the speed networking session.

Based on the wonderful feedback we’ve received; you can expect more events like these in the future.


OABC members from the energy sector joined a special roundtable session to discuss clean energy opportunities in Oman with U.S. Department of Commerce Deputy Under Secretary for International Trade Diane Farrell and Mr. Khalid Hamad Al Busaidi, OCCI-Energy Committee. Senior leaders from Oxy, Emerson Automation Solutions, Plug Power and Mitsubishi Power Aero were present. Our moderator Dr. Mohab Ali Al-Hinai led an insightful discussion covering topics such as carbon capture, renewables and green hydrogen. Members shared best practices they felt could be implemented in Oman that would support Vision 2040, as well as the benefits the FTA and Export-Import Bank of the United States could bring. During the discussion, Deputy Under Secretary Farrell expressed her keen interest in understanding how the U.S. Government can better support U.S. companies in Oman and how the U.S. can support Oman in achieving their clean energy goals. After the round table, businesses leaders had the opportunity to have one on one discussions with

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Oman American Business Council members, along with fellow Oman business leaders and senior government officials took part in an informative session with the Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM) last week at the Diplomatic Club. This event was hosted in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the patronage of H.E. Tahir bin Salim Al Amari, the CEO of the Oman Central Bank. The workshop discussed EXIM’s financing tools, congressional mandates and special initiatives, while highlighting global best practices of companies that have benefited from EXIM.

EXIM is the official export credit agency of the United States and supports the purchases of U.S. – made capital equipment and ancillary services by international buyers. In more than 85 years of operation, EXIM has supported more than $400 billion of U.S. exports to international markets, and EXIM finance products are now able available to both the Oman private and public sector when procuring American goods and services.

EXIM can provide loan guarantees and medium to long-term direct financing at attractive rates for those wanting to buy American products. Projects that are considered transformational such as biotech, AI, renewable energy, fintech, wireless communications and water treatment, may receive enhanced, competitive financing options. This opportunity for Oman businesses to utilize EXIM products further strengthens the long, strong business ties between the United States and Oman while stimulating economic growth.

Ali Daud, Founder and Chairman of the Oman American Business Council commented “being able to import high-quality, innovative U.S. products duty free (under the FTA) along with highly competitive financing options through EXIM presents a tremendous opportunity for Oman businesses”. Ali Daud also mentions that “As we look to achieve Oman’s 2040 vision, agreements and programs such as the FTA and EXIM can help get us the necessary infrastructure and technology but it’s essential businesses take advantage of these opportunities”. Companies wanting to learn more about the Oman-U.S. Free Trade Agreement, EXIM’s finance products or be put into direct contact with an EXIM representative should contact the Oman American Business Council at or call 9418 9500.


In partnership with the U.S. Embassy Muscat, the OABC recently kicked off their 5-part FTA webinar series. These interactive sessions will cover critical facets of the Oman- U.S. Free Trade Agreement and are ideal for any U.S. or Omani organization considering trading between the 2 countries or those just looking to expand their understanding of the FTA. The webinars are one part of the OABC’s multi-faceted project “Spotlight on The U.S. – Oman Free Trade Agreement: Contributing to Bilateral Economic Growth” This program aims to enhance the business relationships between the U.S. and Oman by helping increase awareness and understanding of the Free Trade Agreement. Specifically, this multi-faceted project will create the tools and resources that will assist in growing Omani exports to the U.S., increase U.S. sourcing, support FDI and ultimately create more jobs for Americans and Omanis. The webinars are free to participate and open to all, but you must register in advance. You can learn more about our webinars and the entire FTA program here.

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Spotlight On the U.S. – Oman Free Trade Agreement: Contributing to Bilateral Economic Growth

1. Can you briefly describe the role of the OABC in promoting bilateral trade, business and investment between the U.S. and Oman?
For the past 20 years, the OABC has played a vital role in promoting bilateral trade between the 2 nations. We support Omani and American businesses by facilitating critical connections within the private and public sectors, providing advocacy, hosting educational workshops and networking events as well as supporting international delegations and trade missions.

2. The U.S. and Oman have a Free Trade Agreement since 2009. What are the key benefits of this FTA for Omani companies looking to export/import to/from the U.S. market?
There are only 20 countries in the world that have an FTA in place with the United States, this gives Oman a huge competitive advantage. By removing or reducing tariffs and other trade barriers, the FTA represents an opportunity for Omani businesses to expand the market for Omani goods and services in the United States. It also makes sourcing from the U.S. more cost effective.

3. In your view, how has the FTA impacted economic and trade relationship between the two countries? And how do you see the U.S. – Oman business relations evolving in the future, and what opportunities and challenges do you anticipate?
Since implementing the FTA, Oman’s exports to the U.S. have more than doubled. In 2022, trading between the 2 countries was valued at over $4 billion dollars (a record year), and the United States is the leading buyer of Oman’s non-oil exports. In the past several months significant activities to boost the bilateral relationship have been taking place. A first-ever strategic dialogue between the countries’ top senior government officials took place in Oman, an MOU between Oman and EXIM Bank was signed and more meetings to increase trade between the two nations continue to take place both in the U.S. and here in Oman. It’s important for Omani businesses to remember the FTA is an agreement signed by governments, but it’s up to the businesses to use it. That is why the Oman American Business Center plays such a significant role, particularly with our new FTA training program.

4. What opportunities does the U.S. – Oman FTA present for small and medium-sized businesses in Oman?
It’s very simple, it makes accessing the world’s largest economy easier. Plus, SMEs will benefit from an immediate cost advantage whether they are looking to export their products to the U.S. or source U.S. goods.

5. OABC is launching an awareness program focusing on the U.S.-Oman FTA. What motivated or prompted OABC to launch the FTA Awareness program? Can you elaborate on key features and components of this program?
While trade U.S. and Oman trade has reached a record high, there is still so much opportunity for Omani businesses. We work very closely with the U.S. Embassy in Oman, and together we realized there was a need to build greater awareness and understanding of the FTA and how it can bolster international trade, attract investment and create jobs for both Omanis and Americans. This program will offer a survey for companies to assess their export readiness, a series of five interactive webinars, a 2-day executive training and export readiness audit for those companies who are ready to export, new educational materials and a black-tie gala recognizing those American and Omani companies who demonstrate best practices when it comes to the FTA.

6. Can you briefly talk about the objectives of the FTA Awareness program, and how these align with the broader mission of the OABC?
The aim of the project is to help promote the special economic partnership between Oman and the United States, as reflected in the FTA with the goal of increasing awareness of the FTA amongst Omani and American importers/exporters and to ultimately increase trade and jobs in both markets. This aligns with the work that the Oman American Business Center does every day with our members and the Oman business community. This program, being funded by the U.S. Embassy Muscat, allows us further our efforts and reach more people both in Oman and United States.

7. In your view, what are some of the most common misconceptions or misunderstandings about the U.S. – Oman FTA, and how does the FTA Awareness program address these?
Many believe the FTA only benefits Americans, but this isn’t the case. For the past 2 years the trade deficit has been greatly in Oman’s favor. We hope with this program will improve public perception but also greatly increase both awareness and how to best use the FTA.

8. What advice would you give to Omani companies that are looking to start exports to the U.S. market under the FTA?
Get involved with the Oman American Business Center. Our upcoming FTA program offers everyone the chance to learn more about the FTA. Whether trading with the U.S. is a top company objective or something you’re considering in the next several years, we will provide you with the tools and resources to make it happen. Furthermore, all of our members benefit from being part of Oman’s largest and most active business networking organization in the country.

For more information on becoming a member of the Oman American Business Center or taking part in the FTA program, please email or call +968 9418 9500

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This week the Oman American Business Center welcomed more than 160 members to their annual iftar hosted at the Crowne Plaza Muscat.  OABC members were joined by 10 talented artists from Adatee Hyatee, a group of Omani artists who each live with a physical disability. Also present was U.S. Embassy Muscat’s Chargé d’Affaires, Junaid Munir and many U.S. Diplomats.

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The evening started with special remarks by OABC’s Vice President Fouad Eid and the U.S. Embassy Muscat’s Chargé d’Affaires, Junaid Munir. Wafa Al Harthi of Adatee Hyatee was the evening’s keynote speaker. Wafa, an award-winning artist and illustrator, shared with members her incredible story of perseverance and dedication.

The highlight of the evening was a silent art auction by artists of Adatee Hyatee. 36 beautiful pieces of art were on display for members to enjoy and bid on while networking on the terrace of the Crowne Plaza. All proceeds from the art sales went directly to the artist.

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As the official affiliate of the US Chamber of Commerce in Oman (AmCham Oman), the OABC promotes understanding, partnerships & other matters of mutual economic interest between business communities in Oman and the United States. Formed in 2003, the OABC’s mission is to foster the development of commercial activity between Oman and the United States.  With 30 events annually and over 180 member companies, OABC is Oman’s most active business council and networking group. The Oman American Business Center (OABC) is best known for hosting high-level professional networking events and informational sessions for professionals across the Sultanate.



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On Tuesday, March 14, 2023, the Oman American Business Center hosted one of their most popular networking events, Taco Tuesday, hosted at the residence of U.S. Embassy Muscat’s Deputy Chief of Mission, Junaid “Jay” Munir.

This was the DCM’s final Taco Tuesday as he will be moving on to his next post. Jay has been an incredible supporter and friend of the OABC during his time in Muscat and many people were there to show their gratitude. More than 100 OABC members and U.S. Embassy representatives spent the evening networking and enjoying delicious tacos.  The Oman American Business Center also welcomed many new faces there as many new companies have joined since the start of the year.

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The evening was supported by OUA and Ahmed Zuhair from Bomba Burrito. A few lucky OABC members won fantastic raffle prizes provided by Muscat Pharmacy, Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara and MLS Oman.

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As the official affiliate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Oman, AmCham promotes understanding, partnerships & other matters of mutual economic interest between business communities in Oman and the United States. For 20 years, AmCham Oman’s mission has been to foster the development of commercial activity between Oman and the United States. With more than 25 events annually and over 160 member companies, AmCham Oman is Oman’s most active business center and networking group.

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There was an air of intrigue and inspiration on the lawns of the Intercontinental Muscat as the OABC hosted the 2nd Annual Oman Sustainability Fair on February 28, 2023. This event was designed to bring the Oman community together to raise awareness and showcase local sustainable initiatives.

13 schools participated in this year’s event, together with SMEs, environmental groups and corporate entities. The highlight of the event was the high school competition which recognized students for efforts. The winners of the competition were:

Overall Winner – The Sultan’s School Eco Club – “Sustainable Agriculture”
Most Innovative Idea – British School Muscat – “MODA (Moisture Detecting Assistant)”
Best Presentation – Qurum Private School – “Zero Organic waste to Oman landfill Project (ZOOP)”
Most Practical Implementation – ABA Ecological Society (EcoSoc)

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The competition was judged by a team of environmental experts, including Dr. Ali Akaak, board member of the Environment Society of Oman (ESO), Ulrich Emmer, Managing Director at Bauer Nimr and Elayna Locke, Marine Scientist, at Five Oceans Environmental Service.

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Marla Valdez, OABC board member, who chaired the event, commented “it was truly inspiring to see the work done by the students, and it give us hope to see such passionate environmental champions”.

Fair visitors and participants spent the evening visiting the displays of the more than 25 participants while enjoying the music of Move Green.

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The annual conference which welcomed AmCham board members, leadership teams and members from around the region, showcased opportunities for inter-regional cooperation and investments in specific sectors that have been advanced by the health crisis, as well as highlighting the important issues of economic diversity and sustainable development.

Industry leaders and senior government officials from the region and the U.S. addressed critical topics as advancing climate positive policies, renewable energy, decarbonization, financing green transition and advancing innovation in agriculture and water resources management.


The 1.5-day conference brought for numerous networking opportunities with AmCham representatives from Egypt, Jordan, UAE, Palestine, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Tunisia. Attendees enjoyed a special preview of the Grand Egyptian Museum followed by a gala reception. They also had a private tour of the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. The conference’s host and current AmCham MENA chair, produced a special report for the conference, MENA- U.S. Trade and Investment Report, Accelerating Green Investments in the MENA region, OABC members can access the report here.