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The best way to learn about the OABC is to ask a current member.
Here you can see the diversity of OABC membership and read about each member’s unique experience.

“I had been looking to find more information on the newly established and exciting OAPFD (Offset Authority). The OABC had already taken the lead in organizing a seminar with the top management of the OAPFD. The event was very well organized and informative. The format, friendly staff and members allowed for many opportunities to establish quality business leads. I try not to miss any of OABC’s events!”

Anthony Helou
Executive Director
Al-Taher Group, Muscat

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Event Sponsor


dhl Ali Thabet
Ali Thabet: DHL Oman
The OABC has been an excellent source of networking and advice to DHL Express Oman over the years. Being part of the group has opened up opportunities for us to be involved in areas of business development and we have benefited from the personal exchange of experiences and valuable opinions.

Event sponsorship has proven to be a great value for us. I have no hesitation to recommend active participation in gatherings and events—it is the real life LinkedIn of Oman.

Davis Kallukaran: Crowe Mak Ghazali

The joint event ‘New Income Taxes in Oman’ co hosted by Crowe Horwath and OABC was superb in terms of arrangements, audience and the media visibility. Hope to conduct more such events in the future.

Words about OABC as a

Source of Information

testemonials 0011 Alex Borges
Alex Borges: Bahwan Services & Trading LLC.

The OABC is certainly a very popular platform for disseminating information and helping business entities in Oman improve their business contacts and relationships with the USA.
The many forums that OABC has organized on subjects like the FTA, Oman Labour Laws, Doing Business with countries in the region, security protection, etc. have certainly helped the Bahwan Organization. In addition, we enjoy the many Social Events that the OABC organizes to help us get to know the many members in the OABC better.

testemonials 0001 Bakul mehta
Bakul Mehta: Muscat Pharmacy & Stores LLC

OABC has played a significant role to enhance the business relationship between Oman & USA. The information provided to members, guidelines, as well as meetings from time to time, are not only very professional . I have personally learnt quite a bit about US business and possibilities of improving business for Muscat Pharmacy and its principals in the USA. I shall continue to be an active member, and happily recommend OABC Membership to other Omani businesspeople.

2018 Dr Beverly MCBS Commercial Law small
Dr. Beverly Baker-Kelly: Professor at MCBS
“The OABC is one of the most valuable organizations to me as a professor of commercial law in Oman. The topics of the seminars are contemporary, informative, and help me understand the business world in Oman, the Gulf area, and beyond. Importantly, I find that the in-person exchanges are invaluable professional networking contacts. The entire raison d’etre of this professional organization is to help its members better adapt and learn about commercial experiences in Oman. I don’t know what I would do without the OABC!



WhatsApp Image 2022 06 21 at 1 18 20 PM
Jasmin Nutt: Al Maamari Tours

We highly appreciate joining networking events organized by AmCham Oman as it provides a great opportunity to reconnect with partners and to meet new people. It is very interesting and useful to meet members from different industries and to learn about their challenges & improvements, to exchange information & knowledge and to find commonalities. At every event, we feel warmly welcomed by AmCham Oman family. We look forward to every event because it is like meeting our family and friends than potential clients.

christopher pike
Christopher Pike: Hormuz Grand Hotel
It was a pleasure working with the OABC during my time in Oman. The numerous social and business events organized by the OABC facilitated my meeting and forging closer contacts within the Oman business community.

In addition, it enabled me to meet many suppliers of goods and services to serve our business that I would not have otherwise met.

OABC’s support of young Omani entrepreneurs is admirable.

testemonials 0002 Nuno Neves
Nuno Neves : Cluster General Manager for Park Inn

When I joined the OABC last year, I was new in Oman. The OABC gave me the privilege of meeting very interesting people and finding possible business leads. The OABC’s gatherings help me connect to the right people, keeping me up to date with Oman’s latest market trends. It’s a place to benefit from the exchange of business ideas, which is also good for my properties.

WhatsApp Image 2020 11 23 at 3 38 41 PM
Nick Simpson: Dentons
The OABC plays an important role in promoting business networking and market awareness in Oman’s business community.
The inclusive and welcoming approach of the OABC makes it an extremely attractive group for people of all nationalities and professional backgrounds to be involved with.
We hope to continue our mutually beneficial relationship with the OABC going forward.

Through these connections, we were able to look into a few interesting business opportunities. My best wishes to the OABC to continue their exemplary work forever.

Tangible Success


testemonials 0003 Nitin Pic
Nitin Sapre: Europcar
I have been a Corporate Member of the OABC for over 4 years in Oman.  The OABC provides a great platform to build productive and meaningful business relationships outside of my own immediate network.

 Europcar has won new business as a result of the relationships we have built through the OABC network. They have also provided me with great opportunities to identify business partners or suppliers whom my company has used for various services. The membership also comes with plenty of interesting value-added activities for Premium members, like visiting the New Muscat Int’l Airport, Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre and the various useful seminars on topics of current interest.

The fact that it’s also been great fun along the way is simply the icing on the cake.


testemonials 0012 Abraham George
Abraham George: Godrej & Khimji (Middle East) LLC.
OABC has organized seminars regarding the Free Trade Agreement ( FTA ) existing between Oman and USA.  As a result, my company is in the process of initiating discussions with US companies to export steel office furniture to USA from our manufacturing facility in Sohar.

Membership in the OABC is an avenue for companies to advance exports to the USA, by learning to take advantage of the FTA and its benefits.

testemonials 0001 rammamorhty
Ramamoorthy Murali: Al Amana Building Materials
We have immensely benefitted due to our association with OABC, because of which 3M got to know us approximately 3 years ago. We are now their primary dealer for Passive Fire Protection, Industrial Tapes & Adhesives, and now DI-NOC.

Because of this relationship we made through the OABC, we have steadily grown.

Premium Events


testemonials 001 Khalifa
Khalifa Al Mukheini: SIMPA Energy

I can strongly recommend the excellent networking opportunities found through the OABC, often with high-level decision makers here in Oman.  The Premium Member events in particular offer great insights about Oman’s business environment, giving a deeper understanding of the issues and challenges other companies face.  In my opinion, the OABC has shown that the government and private sectors can interact together for the common goal of enhancing commerce and trade.”

IMG 1003
Faisal Al Shanfari: Oman Sotheby's International Realty

To tell you the truth, I am loving all the events that the OABC organizes, and it is more than my expectation.

testemonials 005 Lawarence Alva
Lawrence Alva: National Training Institute

OABC has been organizing some very fruitful and at the same time enjoyable events which have benefited me personally and my organization.  

I thoroughly enjoyed the OABC organized visits to the new Oman Convention Centre and the new Muscat International Airport. Both these visits were very informative and enjoyable.

I particularly liked the OABC organized talk by HE The Undersecretary of the Planning Commission on the future of Oman’s economy. He provided some very useful insights on where Oman is headed. Several networking events have been very productive in meeting people with whom my organization could explore business association

Moosa Al Hadrami: Perfect Reflection

I attended an event that discussed Oman’s legal and tax updates. The event was informative on the legal side and gave me a perspective about the current and future tax situation in the Sultanate. Members and guests of the OABC asked insightful questions that answered many questions I had. Like always, I love OABC events that generally always make me feel productive and learn new business topics as well as new connections. Finally, OABC hosts amazing outdoor events that I try to never miss.

Other OABC


testemonials 0004 Neel mug shot
Neelmani Bhardwaj: AIG MEA Limited
My company has been a premium member of OABC for over 4 years. The OABC is an excellent platform for networking and forging strong business alliances.

I was also part of the Oman Road Show to the US, which was an excellent opportunity to interact with industry leaders from Oman and the US — introductions made during the trip have greatly helped in building strong business connections.

The regularly organized seminars and thought leadership series present topics which are relevant to the issues and challenges being faced in the current economic environment. The OABC is a perfect platform for companies and individuals who want to grow and expand their business locally and internationally to the US

testemonials 0006 Iyad
Iyad Al Chammat: GBM Oman

Our experience with OABC’s newsletter advertising service was great because it generated real business networking opportunities. The process was straightforward and easy. It was very useful!”

testemonials 0013 michale
Michael Tsang: Three Pillars Consulting

OABC’s regularly scheduled seminars and networking events have helped to jumpstart our company’s entry into Oman’s marketplace. Better yet, we’ve had the opportunity to help organize and facilitate one of these events, which has been both fruitful and fun at the same time!

WhatsApp Image 2020 11 23 at 3 30 36 PM
Mark Rix: Apex Press & Publishing (Muscat Daily)

Since arriving in Oman in October 2018 I have been particularly impressed with the Oman American Business Centre’s pro-active approach. Rebecca, Meruyert and the entire OABC team provide a full schedule of activities that promote not only USA / Omani trade links but reach out to embrace all businesses in the Sultanate and encourage effective networking. As a leading multi-media company in Oman, Apex Media derives outstanding value from Premium membership of the OABC and in turn we are always keen to promote both the OABC and its membership. This is certainly a business networking group that delivers, whatever nationality you represent.