OABC Opportunities in Marketing & Advertising

There are many ways to promote your brand and highlight your company’s products and services through the OABC network. Most of these opportunities are free of charge for all members.

While the main aim and mission of the OABC is to foster commercial development between Oman and the USA, we are also focused on creating an active business networking community here in Oman.

Reaching out to this network and offering special benefits to other members is one way to build relationships, and voicing your thoughts on specific topics through editorial articles in the OABC newsletter allows others to discover your own unique perspective and strengthens your credibility and brand.

From advertising to co-hosting events, please read on to discover more ways to take part in the OABC network.

The OABC Newsletter is delivered electronically and quarterly to subscribers: both members and non-members.  The newsletter currently reaches more than 1,600 businesspeople and associates of the OABC.  Advertising opportunity is open to OABC members only.

The purpose of the newsletter is to provide relevant, up-to-date information on OABC news, upcoming events, and highlights or news about member companies.  It features stories, information, resources and advertising from members.

There are two ways to contribute to the newsletter: editorial articles and advertisements.

The OABC has a number of opportunities available for member companies to voice important opinions, highlight their own products or services, and otherwise reach the business community with specific communications or news through our quarterly newsletter and email blasts.

While many other publications and e-newsletters charge high rates for advertorials and similar content, this is a special benefit you receive at low-cost or even free of charge with your membership, and we encourage all members to take advantage of it.

All of these content contributions (paid and unpaid) will be hosted on the OABC website and linked to on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

These guidelines are for authors of articles and explain our editorial requirements:

  • All materials must be submitted in English.
  • Avoid industry jargon because the magazine has a diverse readership. Remain objective and avoid first person narrative (I/we).

Before publishing an article, we always ask for your authorization due to the fact that during the editorial process, native English proofreaders and editors revise and polish the submitted text. While expert in English usage, they are not subject matter experts.


Required structure of submitted articles:

  1. An interesting HEADLINE (max. 10 words) that provokes interest in the article.
  2. A brief INTRODUCTION (30-50 words) introduces the reader to the topic.
  3. CORE TEXT (800 words including pictures/figures or 900 words without pictures/figures).
  • SUB-SECTIONS introduced by short sub-headlines that make the text easier to read.
  • CONCLUSION wraps up the topic.
  1. AUTHOR’S SIGNATURE & PHOTO: name, title and a small portrait photo of the author.


Unpaid Contributions to the Newsletter:

Expert Article

An objective article discussing the topic of the particular issue. No mention of the company or its services in the text. One page free of charge.

• Headline: 10 words

• Intro: 30-50 words

• Text: 800-900 words

• Pictures welcome

• Company Logo

•   Author’s info (Name, Position, Profile picture)


Member News

Short press release (150-250 words) with the latest news. Free of charge for AmCham members only.

• Headline: 10 words

• Text: max. 250 words

• Pictures welcome

•   Company Logo


Paid Contributions to the Newsletter:

Paid article

An article promoting the company, its activities or services on one or two pages. Price: 100 OMR / page

• Headline: 10 words

• Intro: 30-50 words

• Text: 800-900 words

• Pictures welcome

• Company Logo

•   Author’s info (Name, Position, Profile picture)


Paid interview

Interview with company CEO or other company representative on one or two pages. Price: 100 OMR / page

• Headline: 10 words

• Intro: 30-50 words

• Short biography and portrait picture

• Text: 800 words

•   Company Logo

Advertising is limited to 20% of the newsletter and is contained in a section entitled “Member News.”

Advertising in the newsletter is available to current OABC members whose membership fees are paid, and is subject to the Terms and Conditions outlined in this document.

Types of Advertising:

  1. Announcements about complimentary products or services for OABC Members — Free of charge.
    1. The offer should be free or heavily discounted for OABC members, or of significant value (Minimum 40% off).
  2. Advertisements for fee-based services, events and products for sale. No discount or offer necessary, but we believe these should also include an exclusive discount or special for OABC members whenever possible, for maximum impact — as follows:
  • Premium members are eligible for:
    • Two (2) advertisements per year in the OABC Newsletter.
  • Corporate membersare eligible for:
    • One (1) advertisement per year in the OABC Newsletter

Copy Requirements:

Copy is limited to 80 words, 1 high quality image, and a link to the member’s website.  The OABC team reserves the right to correct spelling and grammatical errors as required.


The deadline is rolling and depends on the next newsletter release date.  Priority is assigned on a “first in” basis with up to 5 ads per newsletter.


Email leanne.george@oabc.org to request advertising space.


The OABC reserves the right to refuse advertising if it does not comply with our policies or we deem it unsuitable for our readership.  At a minimum, half of the ads sent by a member company annually should include exclusive specials for OABC members only.  Please note that we will not publish ads that contain, promote or in any way allude to the following:

  • Discrimination and violence
  • Illegal products and services
  • Politics or religion
  • Sexual content, or adult products
  • Solicitation of funds
  • Tobacco and cigarettes or tobacco-related products
  • Weapons
  • Gambling
  • Alcoholic beverages as the main focus

OABC has a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.  We are pleased to post member-only offers on these pages.  We will also post editorial content written for the newsletter, and can retweet or post company news if you send it our way.

We are open to contests, creative ideas and other unique ways to reach out to the membership to co-create value for your own brand and the members.  Event, dinner or weekend stay vouchers given for prizes make posts much more visible and engaging, and we are happy to work with you on this — there is no charge to advertise in this way.

OABC sends promotional emails to all members, solely focused on one company’s specific special pricing or event, apart from the newsletter.  As stated above, the offer should be free or heavily discounted for OABC members, or of significant value (Minimum 40% off).

The OABC team is pleased to organize a unique event in partnership with your company, include the event on the upcoming OABC events list, and offer promotional support through oabc.org, social media and email invitations to the business community.

There is a modest organizer’s fee for this service.


Morning Briefing
8:00 am Registration of Participants
8:30 am Welcome and Introduction
8:40 am Presentation (45 to 60 minutes, including Q&A)
9:40 am Event ends


12:00 pm Registration of Participants
12:30 pm Lunch is served
1:00 pm Welcome and Introduction
1:05 pm Presentation (15 to 30 minutes, including Q&A)
1:40 pm Event ends


Business Networking Night
6:00 pm Registration of Participants
6:30 pm Welcome and Introduction
6:35 pm Presentation (20 – 30 minutes, including Q&A)
7 pm Networking Cocktail Reception
8:30pm Event ends

For some industries, a shorter presentation and a video makes more sense to attract a greater crowd and provide greater visibility to the presenting company.  We will work with your team to create a high-impact event for your unique audience.

The important thing to note is that for one entire event, your company is the star and focus of the day, with minimal work from your team’s side.

For examples of successful partnerships with member companies for a variety of events, please click here:

Renewable Energy Series 1



Crowe Horwath



Radisson Blu

Park Inn


What we need from you …

To help you achieve your event objectives, we need from you:

1. A short explanation (500~750 words) about your topic and why it will be helpful to AmCham companies’ executives and associates.

2. A photo and biographic information about the speaker(s)

3. Your presentation, so that we can (a) have it prepared for you on our laptop computer and projector, all you have to do is show up during the “Registration” 30-minute period before the event; and (b) upload it to the AmCham web site AFTER the event, so that it will act as a continuing message for your product/service.

Premium Membership is the top tier level available to member companies that desire to support the vision and mission of the OABC.

With the generous support of its Premium Member companies, the OABC is able to meet its mission at a much higher level.

In addition to VIP events and other benefits, Premium Membership includes a host of benefits to increase visibility.

One all-inclusive Premium Membership annual billing simplifies businesses’ sponsorship efforts. Benefits in each Premium Members’ Package include:

  • Logo on “Premium Members” banner on AmCham website homepage
  • Logo on “Premium Members” banner in Quarterly Newsletters
  • Company profile on the “Premium Members” page on AmCham website
  • Corporate profile on screen during cocktail reception at Members’ Nights
  • Special recognition at all business events’ backdrop/banner
  • Special recognition in all email signatures

Screen Shot 2019 03 11 at 11 31 42 AM

It is free to advertise your event, promotion, or other initiative on the OABC partner calendar, found here: https://oabc.org/partner-events-2/.

Whether ongoing, weekly or one-time, there are ways to list this event and let members know what is happening and that you’d like to see them register or attend.

The goal of the Member Benefits Program is to foster business interactivity by fostering a streamlined referral & incentives network amongst our vast community.  We invite our members to avail complimentary entry into this program to offer ongoing, exclusive promotions and incentives to all valued members within the OABC network.

The benefits of your participation in this program are multifold, but primarily, the Member Benefits Program enables your business to cultivate brand awareness and attract loyal customer demand to your products/services through a yearlong promotional campaign on OABC’s platform.

Whether you are a premium or corporate member, the OABC Member Benefit Program is an initiative designed to enhance your membership investment. Members can avail from the below exclusive offers and discounts upon the presentation of their Membership Card.

In exchange for your participation, all OABC member participants in the Program will receive:

  • Company logo and incentive description on new OABC website
  • Reference to promotion in the “New Member Welcome Pack”
  • Reference to promotion in all renewal packages sent to renewing members
  • A promotional email introducing the offer to all OABC members upon signing up
  • Promotion to be included in the next OABC Monthly Newsletter after signing up
  • Promotion to be featured on OABC’s social media channels upon signing up


If you would like to participate in this unique opportunity to raise the profile of your business within our community, please complete the Program Application Form and include all required attachments below. Please allow one week for a formal review and response from our team.

Screen Shot 2019 03 11 at 11 38 14 AM

While this offer tends to mainly excite hotel members and other food and beverage outlets, there are opportunities here for all types of companies, and all members benefit as consumers looking for information.

During certain times of the year, when a lot of events are on in Oman, the OABC rounds up all of the promotions and plans into one list to make it easy for members to view them in one place.

Christmas, Easter, Ramadan, Summer Specials and Discover America are covered by our team and all events are “rounded-up” into one huge list.  This list is heavily marketed via paid ads on social media and web traffic increases because Oman residents (members and non-members alike) click to view the full calendar of events.

To submit your listing of events, family-friendly activities or summer specials, simply email them to the OABC team as soon as this information is available, with any flyers or images you have as well.

Contest vouchers or discounts for members always help to spread buzz but we leave this to your team to determine what works best for you.

Thank you for your participation.

For advertising of your own products, services, and events, please contact leanne.george@oabc.org.

To upgrade your membership to Premium, request an opportunity to co-sponsor an event with the OABC, or to discuss topic ideas for the OABC newsletter, please email Rebecca Olson at rebecca.olson@oabc.org or call +968 9721 2137.