Was an exciting “Afternoon with AI” at COMEX on May 30, 2024! Our newest overseas member from Dallas, Texas, MindPropel, presented a captivating session on Generative AI Adoption titled “Real Business Value in 90 Days or Less with the InnovAIt Framework.”

Event Highlights:

Generative AI’s Global Impact:
MindPropel showcased how generative AI is revolutionizing industries worldwide.

GenAI in Oman and the MENA Region:
The session explored the immense potential and specific implications of generative AI for our region.

Essential GenAI Adoption for Businesses:
Participants learned why integrating generative AI is crucial for maintaining competitiveness.

Bridging Vendor Offerings and Business Needs:
The discussion highlighted existing disparities and effective strategies to address them.

Introducing the InnovAIt Framework:
MindPropel demonstrated how their InnovAIt Framework bridges gaps and delivers tangible value.

Achieving Results in 90 Days:
Companies discovered how to implement GenAI quickly for substantial benefits.

Next Steps – GenAI Masterclass:
Kickstart your AI journey with MindPropel’s in-person 2-day GenAI Masterclass in Muscat on September 2 & 3. Invite your leadership teams to stay ahead of the curve.

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