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MUSCAT, OMAN: In collaboration with Abdulredha Al Lawati Lawyers & Counsels (ALC) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC),  the Oman American Business Center (OABC) hosted “Oman’s Tax and Legal Landscape” on February 7, at the Sheraton Oman Hotel.

The session included a brief time of business networking over breakfast, followed by legal and tax presentations covering a variety of key topics, and ended with plenty of time for Q & A.

Speaker Abdulredha Al Lawati, Founder of ALC, discussed the current laws related to court processes and commercial practice.  His presentation was followed by PwC’s Ghalia Al Sharji, Tax Senior Manager, who covered Oman’s 2022 State Budget. Finally, Darcy White, Tax & Legal Services Partner discussed e-invoicing, personal income tax, regional trends, and the future of Oman’s tax legislation.

Events like this one are part of OABC’s overall mission to facilitate trade and investment between Oman and the USA, and to support ease of doing business in Oman”, says Ali Daud, Founder and Chairman Emeritus of OABC.  “Oman is moving towards its Vision 2040 and more changes affecting the private sector will certainly come.  We are proud to partner with firms like ALC and PWC and host sessions that keep our members informed about key developments across all sectors.”

“The past few years have seen a big shift in the global tax landscape in terms of how countries are expected to tax, record and report on resident entities and individuals,” says Darcy White, Tax Partner at PwC Middle East Oman. “Global influence on local tax policy is greater than ever before, fueled particularly by the OECD’s Inclusive Framework on BEPS, which Oman is a member of. The BEPS Project brings with it significant compliance requirements to meet multilateral cooperation objections. This coupled with the increased focus on taxation in Oman’s Vision 2020 and the 2022 Budget means that taxable entities will need to ensure they are “tax ready” for the future. This doesn’t just mean ensuring they are aware of compliance matters, as with the introduction of new taxes and compliance requirements, for example, e-invoicing. Being tax ready also means ensuring entities have the right policies and systems in place to meet the Government’s reporting obligations.”  

“The last couple of years have shown the government’s efforts to confirm its clear intention to develop the country forward under Vision 2040, ” says Abdulredha Al Lawati, Founder of ALC Lawyers & Counsels. “Over 100 Royal Decrees were promulgated in the last two years and most of those decrees were issued to facilitate the investment environment in Oman and promote opportunities within the country. The issued Royal Decrees were not covering the businesses only, but it also restructured the systems in other wide areas. Due to the increase of the cases post-COVID, the government has deeply considered the Courts’ procedures. The Law Simplifying the Process in Some Cases (RD 125/2020) has created wide differences in the practice. Minimizing the duration before the courts was a fundamental change. Further, the promulgation of the Commercial Companies Law and Foreign Investment Law was a great area which the government aims to develop. Removal of minimum capital and providing expats the chance to set up their business independently was the main aim of these laws.”

“They say the only constant in life changes, and this is certainly true in business as well,” says Rebecca Olson, Executive Director of the OABC. “It’s essential for all companies to stay updated with key information about recent changes and expert predictions about where things are headed, especially in key areas with huge implications on their business, like legislation and tax.  We’re thankful to our sponsor and partner ALC for co-hosting this important event and shining a light on many different aspects of Omani law, and to the team at PwC for their partnership and expert presentations.”

Members of the OABC who attended the event were invited to receive a complimentary short consultation with ALC and/or PwC if desired, as a further benefit of OABC membership.

 As the official affiliate of the US Chamber of Commerce in Oman (AmCham Oman), the OABC promotes understanding, partnerships & other matters of mutual economic interest between business communities in Oman and the United States.  

 Formed in 2003, the OABC is the official affiliate of the US Chamber of Commerce in Oman. OABC’s mission is to foster the development of commercial activity between Oman and the United States.  With more than 30 events annually and over 175 member companies, OABC is Oman’s most active business council and networking group.

Bait Al Ghasham OABC

MUSCAT, OMAN: In partnership with Al Maamari Tours, the Oman American Business Center (AmCham Oman) hosted its first ever family day on January 29, 2022 at Bait Al Ghasham Museum.  Professionals and business leaders from within the OABC membership enjoyed the opportunity to bring their entire families for a day out together. Attendees enjoyed a delicious Omani lunch and, following current health and safety guidelines, mingled and made new connections with other families.

Both OABC and Al Maamari Tours share the core value of conducting business in a sustainable way, considering the local population and helping to preserve the cultural heritage of Oman. “Inviting members and their families to visit the 200-year-old Bait Al Ghasham Museum was an excellent opportunity to introduce members to the fascinating and rich history of the building itself, traditionally a royal dwelling, as well as the local area,” says Jasmin Nutt, Managing Director at Maamari Tours. “We were also proud to connect with and support the local ecosystem, as the highlight of our day was the shared traditional meal, cooked by women from the surrounding village.”

“This was the very first time we’ve hosted an event for families instead of executives only,” says Rebecca Olson, Executive Director of the OABC. “The feedback has been great – people are ready to make new connections in person, and find the OABC community a safe and positive place to do so.  We’re thankful to Corporate Member Al Maamari Tours and Bait Al Ghasham for co-hosting this wonderful, historical, eye-opening experience for us all.”

Located in the Al Shal’li village in the town of Afi, a 50 minute drive from Muscat, the museum is open from Saturday to Thursday: 9 am to 2 pm, and Friday: 9 am to 12 pm.

As the official affiliate of the US Chamber of Commerce in Oman (AmCham Oman), the OABC promotes understanding, partnerships & other matters of mutual economic interest between business communities in Oman and the United States.

Formed in 2003, the OABC is the official affiliate of the US Chamber of Commerce in Oman. OABC’s mission is to foster the development of commercial activity between Oman and the United States. With more than 30 events annually and over 165 member companies, OABC is Oman’s most active business council and networking group.

Al Maamari Tours was founded in 2014 by Omani local entrepreneur Mr. Yasser Al Maamari who has more than 20 years of passionate experience about tourism in Oman. The team specializes in creating distinctive experiences and the aim is to satisfy all types of travelers’ curiosity by creating safe experiences from a local perspective and arrange hassle-free traveling.  The team of Al Maamari Tours is looking forward to connecting you to the spirit of Oman.

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MUSCAT, OMAN: Oman’s most active business networking organization, the Oman American Business Center (OABC), hosted “Linked In Hacks” for member executives on Wednesday, January 12 at the Royal Tulip Muscat Hotel.

The session was designed to equip professionals from companies within the OABC looking to level up their own Linked In skills and techniques but was especially directed towards sales, business, development, and commercial roles engaged in B2B marketing. Unlike OABC’s first Linked In session hosted in 2020, this more advanced workshop required attendees to have prior experience on Linked In and an existing account on the platform.  OABC member and presenter Mohammed Al Tamami, known as one of Oman’s top digital stratagists, covered a variety of ways to “hack the system” and get posts seen, liked, shared, and noticed by the right people, creating new opportunities to do business.

The workshop included a brief time of networking and coffee, a presentation, and time for Q & A.

Tamami says, “Linked In, similar to any social media tool, requires utilizing a certain etiquette and specific methods in order to access the wealth of resources it can bring to us. Sharing my experience with others through OABC’s last Linked In session for members made a big difference to those who are now actively using it, and this inspired us to hold more such workshops. The focus of this event was to focus on that B2B and B2C sales aspect of Linked In: what to remember, what to avoid, and examples for those involved in online relationship building with clients.”

“One thing we’ve learned from the COVID-19 era is that sometimes without warning, our online life takes front and center and the physical is no longer easily accessible,” says Rebecca Olson, Executive Director of the OABC. “Linked In was a useful resource before, but now it is an essential platform for those in corporate roles. Its use is growing daily in Oman as a place to explore new connections, vet people before you meet them, or present oneself and one’s services to the business community.  Creating an effective personal and business profile can open new doors for both new professionals and those who’ve been in the business community for a long time.  As Oman’s largest and most active networking group, OABC is focused on supporting the relationships between member companies both online and in person.  We’re thankful for Mohammed Al Tamami for his time in preparing the session, and for his great passion in equipping others to excel in their own online networking.”

As the official affiliate of the US Chamber of Commerce in Oman (AmCham Oman), the OABC promotes understanding, partnerships & other matters of mutual economic interest between business communities in Oman and the United States.

Formed in 2003, the OABC is the official affiliate of the US Chamber of Commerce in Oman.  OABC’s mission is to foster the development of commercial activity between Oman and the United States.  With more than 30 events annually and over 165 member companies, OABC is Oman’s most active business council and networking group.

Mohammed Al Tamami is a Media Planning & Strategy graduate who spent 10+ years of his career working on global consulting and advisory assignments on innovation, technology and strategy, and is the Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of a young and upcoming financial technology start-up that provides AI-driven capabilities for the financial services industry.

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Muscat, Oman: On December 14th, the Oman American Business Center (AmCham Oman) hosted its 2021 Biennial General Meeting and Board Elections at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Qurum. During this event, OABC leadership presented the organization’s progress over the past two years and announced the outcome of the 2021 OABC Board Elections. Guests and attendees included OABC company members, VIPs from the Oman business community, and representatives from the U.S Embassy.

 Seven members of the OABC were elected to serve on the Board. Four members maintained ex-officio or permanent seats including Ali Daud, Chairman and Founder of the OABC; Emmee Haun, Co-founder of the OABC; Fouad Eid, Vice-President of the OABC; and Gary Schumann, Chief Commercial Officer at the US Embassy in Muscat.

 The seven members elected to the Board of Directors include reelected members Marla Valdez: Principal, Valdez SPC; Paul Murphy: Grand Hyatt Muscat, General Manager; Shayan Sumar: Apex Transgulf Manufacturing LLC, Director of Operations; and Talal Al Subhi: Rohn Products International Arabia LLC, Executive Director.  Newly elected members include Mohab Ali Al Hinai, Sustainable Investments LLC, Co-founder; Nourah Yousef Mustafa Mehyar: Nafith Logistics, CEO, and Samir Messaoudi: Sheraton Oman Hotel at Marriott International, General Manager.

“There are more member companies in the OABC today than there were at our last Biennial General Meeting in December 2019,” says Rebecca Olson, Executive Director of the OABC.  “This is just one indicator showing that OABC did not merely survive the pandemic as a business organization, but we have grown together as a network committed to enhancing Oman’s business environment, connecting business leaders from every sector in Oman, and fostering bilateral trade between Oman and the United States.”

As the official affiliate of the US Chamber of Commerce in Oman (AmCham Oman), the OABC promotes understanding, partnerships & other matters of mutual economic interest between business communities in Oman and the United States.  

 Formed in 2003, the OABC’s mission is to foster the development of commercial activity between Oman and the United States.  With more than 30 events annually and over 160 member companies, OABC is Oman’s most active business center and networking group. 

 The Oman American Business Center (OABC) is known for its advocacy on behalf of Oman’s private sector, and for hosting high-level professional networking events and informational sessions for professionals across the Sultanate.

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On December 12, OABC’s Corporate Members The Business Year hosted a high-level panel discussion under the patronage of H.E Qais bin Mohammed Al Yousef: Oman Vision 2040: The Future of Investments.

Thank you to The Business Year for our partnership, and for creating an opportunity to join an incredible group of stakeholders for a key discussion about Oman’s Vision 2040. We were also thrilled to see more than 60 OABC member registrations.

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MUSCAT:  The United States and Oman are celebrating 12 years of trade under the U.S.-Oman Free Trade Agreement (FTA), a bilateral accord that lowers trade barriers between the two countries.  Since taking effect in 2009, the FTA has benefitted both countries by boosting trade and investment and creating jobs.  Despite its success, the FTA remains an untapped resource for companies in both Oman and the United States.  The Oman American Business Center (OABC), in partnership with the U.S. Embassy to Oman and the Omani Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion (Tejarah), launched a video campaign this week to raise awareness of the FTA and encourage more firms to take advantage of it.

Titled “Success Stories of the U.S.-Oman FTA,” the video seeks to raise awareness of the FTA by introducing viewers to companies that operate in Oman and have successfully exported products for sale to the United States duty free, imported products from the United States duty free, or otherwise benefited from the FTA.  Funded by a grant from the U.S. Embassy, and in partnership with the Tejarah, the video features remarks from Omani Minister of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion H.E. Qais Al Yousef, United States Ambassador to Oman H.E. Leslie Tsou, and OABC Chairman Emeritus and President Ali Daud.

“The FTA has greatly benefited Omani companies, as well as U.S. and international firms,” Daud said.  “But it is important to remember that the Free Trade Agreement has also increased the overall amount of [Foreign Direct Investment, or] FDI into Oman and created opportunities and jobs for Omanis over the past 12 years.”

“The United States is the world’s largest economy, and Oman is one of just 20 nations — and two in the GCC — that enjoys free trade in this unique way.  We are very excited to shine a spotlight on just a few of the many success stories of the U.S.-Oman FTA and look forward to inspiring similar stories in the years to come,” Daud said.

Ambassador Tsou encouraged more Omani and American companies to take advantage of the FTA, whose many benefits include duty-free treatment of goods and a no-minimum investment requirement for new businesses.  “The FTA is a pillar of the strong economic partnership between our two countries and provides opportunities to expand prosperity for companies large and small in both Oman and the United States,” she said.  “The Embassy is working closely with the Omani government, the OABC, and other business organizations to strengthen the FTA to benefit both our economies.”

As part of Tejarah’s goals to attract investors and spotlight opportunities for companies in Oman, the video will be shown at the Oman Pavilion at EXPO 2020, attracting the attention of millions from around the globe.

Commenting on the FTA anniversary, HE Qais Al Yousef, Minister of Commerce, Industry & Investment Promotion said: “On this the 12th anniversary of the Oman–U.S. free trade agreement, we celebrate not just this landmark agreement but also the longstanding relationship between our two countries – one that began back in 1840 when Sultan Sayyid Sa’id bin Sultan sent his special envoy, Ambassador Ahmad bin Na’aman Al Kaabi, to New York to cement trade ties between Oman and the United States.”

The Minister added: “The friendship between us is not the only reason American businesses choose to invest in Oman – also playing an important role is the strength of the sultanate’s competitive offer, its pro-business government, strategic location, seamless access to regional markets, world-class infrastructure, skilled talent and the strength and ambition of Oman Vision 2040, the sultanate’s blueprint for social and economic development.”

VIPs, OABC members, and representatives from Oman’s public and private sectors will be the first to preview the video at an inaugural event in early December.  Once released, the video series will be available at www.oabc.org/fta.

About the OABC

The Oman American Business Center (OABC) was founded in 2003 with a mission to foster the development of commercial activity between Oman and the United States, promote U.S. business, and support the Oman business community through programs and events.

As the official affiliate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Oman (AmCham Oman), OABC promotes understanding, partnerships and other matters of mutual economic interest between business communities in Oman and the United States.  The focal endeavor of the OABC is to provide a forum for the exchange of insights, information, ideas, and direction with respect to increasing trade, commerce, and investment between the two countries.

Every year, the OABC has around 30 events focused on knowledge sharing, business opportunities and challenges, legislative changes and networking within the Oman business community.

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Rebecca Olson, executive director of the Muscat-based Oman American Business Center, speaks to OmanGBnews.com about her role, Oman’s future as a key business destination, how she spends her downtime, and her love of Welsh cakes.

What are your main responsibilities? I manage the Oman American Business Center, together with the Board of Directors. I help connect people and companies to the organization and expand their networks in the greater business community, constantly add new benefits and other programs that bring value to our member companies, plan events that interest the members, and can always be seen buzzing around networking, meeting stakeholders, and coming up with ideas and new ways to highlight our members.

What are your company’s Unique Selling Points (USPs) in Oman? We are the most active business networking community in Oman, with over 30 events per year, and are not exclusive only to US and Omani companies, but to all who hope to connect, promote and stay in the know about business happenings in the Sultanate. We are also the official affiliate of the US Chamber of Commerce here in Oman. We help US companies enter Oman, and Omani companies explore business in the US.

What achievement are you most proud of I am really glad that since taking on this role at the organization, member feedback has been extremely positive.I care about each member and the experience they’re having in the organization, so this means a lot. People love the active, non-stop nature, back to back events, and opportunities to connect with others that we’ve provided, and I’ve certainly helped to multiply the number of initiatives and events. I also helped create our brand new website, which is a hit.

What would you still like to achieve (in life, leisure or business)? What a deep question! Professionally, I’d like to see the OABC grow and specifically, plan trade delegations in both directions (Oman – US).I love Oman, and hope to do everything I can to assist in efforts to attract more foreign investors here. Personally, I’d like to see my kids grow up to be kind, smart and compassionate people who go far in whichever field they choose, but I suppose that is their own achievement!

What do you think makes Oman an attractive destination to do business?Oman is a peaceful, naturally stunning, hidden gem. Its people are generous, kind and hospitable. In business, the size of the community and the accessibility of the country’s government and business leaders is unique.If you do well here, everyone knows quickly. That can work the opposite way too, but I still think this can be a huge plus for those looking to enter a new market well.

Oman’s location is a huge plus. Close to key markets, on global shipping routes, great relationships with neighboring countries… Finally, Oman’s government wants to make things work for investors and is flexible and willing to work with companies to find solutions and ways to invest here. There are a number of free zones, state of the art ports, and industrial estates…I’m glad I’m here in Oman at this time.

What sectors do you think will thrive in Oman and the UK in the coming years and why? Logistics + Tourism. There is a lot of emphasis being placed on logistics, especially following the Tanfeedh initiative, and Oman already has a very strong infrastructure. China will have a part to play here, and of course Asyad has a lot to manage as things continue to grow. Tourism: as far as I can see, the numbers (of hotel rooms, tourists, cruise ships docking, etc) go up annually and I think steady growth is always a good thing.

What is the best business advice you have ever received? Thank people well when they do something for you. This is a really big deal here, and in every country I’ve worked in.

Favourite destinations in Oman and why? I really like the Daminiyat Islands. That water is so clear and it feels like a day trip to the Maldives! Not really possible to pick one favorite place, but that was the last place I went for a day trip, so will go with this one for now.

Favourite destinations in the UK and why? The Cotswolds. It’s the cutest place on earth and every American loves the Christmas movie “The Holiday” with Jude Law and Cameron Diaz and wants to celebrate the holidays in a little cottage there. I also love Wales and their yummy Welsh cakes.

Favourite restaurant in Oman and UK? Turkish House is always a favorite of our guests (and apparently many others, on TripAdvisor!). Big fan of their consistency, it’s wonderful every time, plus it’s family-friendly. Tayyabs in East London is a fav when we visit friends there, but we have to deal with a wait, which is always a good sign.

Describe your character in five words? Friendly, honest, driven, creative, quick.

What are your hobbies? Songwriting and guitar, swimming/hiking exploring Oman, camping, board games.

What five things would you take to a desert island? Knife, net, flare gun, Bible, blanket.

What public figures do you most admire and why? Personally: Mother Theresa, for her compassion, never-ceasing service, and perspective. Publicly: His Majesty the Sultan for his amazingly peaceful reign, generosity, wisdom, love for his people…I think H.M. should receive a Nobel Prize for his contribution to the whole region.


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The Sultanate’s on-going efforts to liberalise and diversify the economy offer greater opportunity for enhanced trade, investment and economic ties between Omani and US firms, according to a high-ranking official of the US Chamber of Commerce. Khush Chosky (pictured), Senior Vice President for Middle East and Turkish Affairs, also pledged to work with the Chamber’s new local affiliate, the Oman American Business Center (OABC), to help deepen economic and commercial relations between the two countries.