Muscat, January 18th 2015 – OABC recently held a panel discussion with the Directorate General of Customs, Royal Oman Police (ROP), on the potential digitization of cross-border trade transactions. The dialogue focused on the implementation of Single Window for import and export reporting and an Integrated Customs Management System as a means of boosting productivity and reducing the time and cost involved with import and export activities. This initiative is called the Bayan systems.

Senior ROP representatives discussed the ongoing efforts made by ROP in the capacity of customs and excise, specifically the application of a Single Electronic Window vis-à-vis global benchmarking standards. Brigadier Issa Alkiyumi, the Director General of Customs said, “The Bayan systems are part of a broader modernization of Oman Customs through which we aim to make our processes more effective and efficient, to encourage growth and allow the world to see Oman as a good country to do business with and to invest in.”

Ali Daud, Chairman of OABC, said, “Our meeting with ROP was directed towards updating the business community on the existing trade framework and how electronic systems can help to streamline port operations and improve trade opportunities. In addition, the gathering facilitated an opportunity for companies to ask questions, receive clarification and share their experiences of digitized systems for our consideration.”

ROP General Directorate of Customs plans to roll-out the Bayan systems this year and initiate full operations from 2016 onwards. The system is designed to improve key elements of international trade management, including pre-arrival reporting, improved targeting of government intervention, enhanced coordination between Ministries, and faster clearance with greater consistency and transparency of treatment.

The Sultanate has observed the significant advantages achieved by neighboring countries using Single Electronic Windows in recent years. By modernizing its underlying trade infrastructure, The Sultanate will make a notable contribution to improving the business environment, opening the door to greater international trade prospects, such as the free-trade agreement currently enjoyed between

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