The Oman American Business Center (OABC), in partnership with Riyada and SAS for Entrepreneurship, hosted its 8th Speed Networking for companies of all sizes to come together and connect with possible business partners. Sponsored by Boeing, the largest aerospace company in the world, the event was being held at the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre.
With Omani comedians Sami al Asmi and Noor al Mahrouqi were entertaining the audiences throughout the evening, the return of the highly popular Speed Networking platform promised to offer participants a fun-filled gateway to discover new business opportunities and achieve sustainable growth.
Rebecca Olson, Executive Director of the OABC said: “This is the Oman American Business Center’s 8th Speed Networking Event, and this year was special as it’s the first time we’ve invited Omani comedians to provide some entertainment as well. This was a great chance for any business in Oman, large or small, to expand their professional network.” She added, “During the event, pairs of people were seated at a table facing one another. Each round lasted no more than two minutes, with each partner taking one minute to speak, before the hosts indicate that time was up and the designated side of the table was told to move one seat over and face their next partner. This rotation system ensured that everyone has a chance to fully participate and introduce themselves as well as the businesses they represent to the maximum number of prospective partners.”

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