Member News: Nasser Hamood al Rawahy, Deputy Chairman of The State Audit institution inaugurated the new office premises of Crowe Mak Ghazali, member firm of Crowe Global. Marc J Seivers, Ambassador of the United States to Oman, was the guest of honour at the event.

Welcoming the invitees, Davis Kallukaran, Managing Partner of Crowe Oman said: “Business models are undergoing rapid transformation ever since the world stepped into the digital revolution. Artificial intelligence, Blockchain, Machine Learning and Cryptocurrency are no longer fancy terminologies but the future of business. These are the tools with which businesses are talking to each other. Moving ahead you cannot live without it. Either you embrace it or you die. We have to be in the race to attract the right talents by employing the state of the art infrastructure and hence our investment in our own office.”

Ghazali Mak, as the firm was known originally, has evolved over the years into Crowe Mak Ghazali, the Oman member firm of Crowe Global.

From Oman Observer