On Monday, May 18, the OABC and members of the greater business community gathered virtually for a webinar in partnership with Amcham Bahrain and The Sedge Group.

There is immense interest in doing business with the U.S. Government. The United States government spends, on average, more than $4 trillion on goods and services each year. Everything from food supplies for ships, to office pens, and everything in between are acquired through contracts with global businesses. The session walked members through the various steps to put them on the right path to increasing revenue in this sector. One step included, ensuring one’s company is properly registered in the various government portals so attendees know where and how to bid for service contracts.

About the Author

Michael Sedge, writer, author, producer, entrepreneur and president of The Sedge Group, LLC as well as The Michael-Bruno Group of Companies (USA, Bahrain, Djibouti, Italy). Sedge is a global expert on working with the U.S. government, with 40 years experience. He is a former regional president of AMCHAM Italy, founder of the American Business Council of Djibouti, and a regional director of the Society of American Military Engineers. Mr. Sedge has lectured on doing business with the American government to groups around the world.

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