October 2017

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OABC member 23 Degrees North received Oman’s 2017 Best Architect and Best Sustainability Project this October. The Dossier Construction awards continue a long line of firsts achieved by 23 Degrees North since its founding in 2011 by Nadia Maqbool, starting with Nadia’s achievement of being the first chartered female architect in Oman. Sustainability has been at the heart of 23 Degrees North’s passion for delivering world-class architecture that is both cutting edge and authentically Omani.

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Muscat: Major tenders for building a poultry project promoted by Al Namaa Poultry SAOC will be floated after six months. The project cost is estimated at OMR100 million.

The mega poultry project, which has already signed an agreement with Semac Consultants for detailed design, plans to produce 15,000 tonnes of poultry meat per annum in the first year of operation, which will go up to 60,000 tonnes in the fifth year. The project is planned in Ibri.

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