The Discover America Event, a two week long initiative of the US Embassy, Lulu Hypermarket, and Oman Avenues Mall.  The OABC was honored to host a networking event as part of the first day’s launch: a special evening in the Sky Lounge Balcony at Avenues Mall.
This room had a gorgeous view overlooking the city, and students from the National Hospitality Institute created American-themed canapés using ingredients from Lulu, the sponsor of the evening. Every ingredient highlighted was a US import: from seedless watermelon to the dates guests were welcomed to try!
Ms. Stephanie Hallett, the new Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Embassy, thanked the event’s partners and explained more about Discover America.
Following the DCM’s presentation, Robert MacLean, Principal of the National Hospitality Institute, shared about the important work of raising up Omani students to work in hospitality and tourism.  His brief overview also pointed out that every server for the evening was a current trainee at NHI, and all had already secured employment post-graduation from the program.  Many guests commented afterwards about further interest in NHI and desire to attend NHI events in the future. We thank Lulu and Oman Avenues Mall for their sponsorship, and the US Embassy for their hard work highlighting American companies and brands for 2 weeks.