Emmee Haun

oabc board 0005 Emee

Emmee Haun, co-founder of the OABC, is a trade and investment consultant focused on facilitating business under the Oman/U.S. Free Trade Agreement. Emmee has lived in Oman since 2004 and in the Middle East region since 2001 where she has successfully developed numerous companies and investment programs for both the private and public sectors of Oman.  Emmee currently works with the Information Technology Authority of Oman as an Industry Development and Investment Consultant and consults with the Oman Ministry of Commerce and Industry on trade and investment initiatives for the Oman/U.S. Free Trade Agreement.  She has been the project director for three investment promotion roadshows with the Ministry of Commerce to the United States, India, and Tanzania and continues to encourage bilateral trade and investment between Oman and respective global corporations in tourism, logistics, and manufacturing.  Prior to working for the Oman Government, Emmee was General Manager of Neem Projects and Services, an Omani investment and holding company for five years, and with the US Department of Labor as a MBA Fellow (career appointed) where she worked in Morocco, Bahrain, and Oman on the labor chapter of Free Trade Agreements between the US and the respective countries.  

Emmee has a MBA in Commercial Diplomacy and Arabic language from the Monterey Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California and a BA in Marketing/Spanish from the University of Indianapolis. She was a former United States Fulbright Scholar to Oman where she researched the workforce gap between Oman’s education system and the human resource needs of the private sector. Emmee is a previous board member of the Oman Society for Petroleum Services and previous President of the American Women’s Group in Oman.