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Many exciting activities of the OABC are created, planned and implemented through committees. We invite all members to join a committee and experience more of the positive work happening through the OABC. Joining a committee gives members an opportunity to meet with others and not just talk, but take real steps forward.  Together, we can plan and prepare events, partnerships and programs that impact the economy and the environment around us.

This committee works to brainstorm and plan business and social events, both large and small.

We meet once a quarter to discuss new ideas, potential partners or opportunities, current issues in the economy that should be explored further, and other matters of interest to our members.

Every event we host is first brought before the Events Committee.  Please join us to offer ideas and suggestions.

The OABC Development Committee is devoted to enhancing the experience of members from day one. Recruitment, retention and finding new ways to benefit OABC members are the main focuses of our meetings.

We meet once a quarter to discuss successes and challenges in the organization. The committee brainstorms ways to attract new members, plans recruitment events, and offers suggestions on event sponsorship and business development strategy.

This committee is an integral part of the organization because it provides needed feedback from OABC members — suggestions about new programs, initiatives or benefits that should be added to increase the value of membership for all. Please consider joining us – we look forward to your participation!

The Renewable Energy Committee was formed in 2016 in order to provide a forum for discussing the shifting sands of energy, energy technology and energy policies in Oman. Renewable energies such as solar photovoltaics are expected to play a much greater role in Oman’s energy mix in the coming decades, and the OABC wants to provide a place for businesses to maximize these new opportunities.  After a successful first event in October of 2017 on solar photovoltaics, the OABC plans to hold a number of practical and engaging events on these topics.

A program that will connect experienced leaders with younger members of the business community in Oman. The OABC network is vast, diverse and interested in growth — we hope to see many of our members give back through the gift of the time. The program is supported by Hormuz Grand, Muscat A Radisson Collection Hotel and Gloria Jean’s Coffees.
Find an Experienced Mentor:
Unique professional program for micro-SMEs
Benefit from focused meetings with an executive mentor
Receive industry advice from an experienced leader
Six one-hour meetings, no reporting or strings attached
Interested in becoming a Mentor?
Give back: by sharing your unique experience
Simple, relational mentorship program
6 meetings, one hour per session, no reporting or strings attached
Invest in a young professional in Oman
For more details, please email info@oabc.org.

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