OABC Member Benefit Program

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1.) What is the OABC Mobile app?

The OABC mobile app has replaced our previous plastic membership cards. It consists of two parts: a virtual card with your name and membership type, and a list of discounts and special benefits from fellow OABC member companies.

2.) Who has access to the app?

Access depends on your membership type. Premium Members are given 5 accounts, Corporate Members receive 2 accounts, and SME and Individual Members have access to the app for one representative.

3.) How can I get access to the app?

Please contact the OABC team at 9418 9500, or email Info@oabc.org to receive support with downloading and logging in to the app.

4.) How long is the app valid for?

The app is synced to your OABC membership, and will automatically expire on the day your rolling membership is due, if the renewal payment has not been transferred.

5.) What are the restrictions on the offers?

Most offers will include a write-up of the terms and conditions if relevant. You can also call the number listed to clarify the offer ahead of time and check on any details (re: kids, guests, hours, etc).  Black out dates should be clearly stated on the offer itself.

6.) Why is my card showing up as expired?

Sometimes it may be a technical issue on our end, so please reach out to us if you’re facing issues with the app. It could also be that your membership has run out. If you’d like to continue using the app and enjoying OABC, please contact our team to renew.

7.) Can my spouse use my card?

Your spouse is welcome to use the exact login details as you on their phone, but they will still have your name on the card.

8.) I forgot my password. How can I sign on to the App?

Please contact our team, and we will send you a new password.

We suggest you take a screenshot of your virtual card to keep on you at all times. If you plan to use a specific offer but won’t have data while you’re at the location, please take a screenshot of the offer before you head there (while you’ve got wifi or data).

10.) What happens if the staff does not recognize the offer on the card?

Unfortunately, due to covid-19 and the transient nature of new management and staff, this may happen. We are sorry if you face this issue.

First, you can ask the staff to check with the person or number listed on the details of the offer.  We’ve worked hard to add the mobile number of the right person from each venue. If this doesn’t work, we apologize, and ask you to keep us informed.  Our team will contact the company and do our best to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

11.) How can I add an offer to the app?

Please email our team at Info@oabc.org to be included in the OABC mobile app. All new offers will be featured at the top of the list, and are viewed first by members, so this is a great opportunity to feature your product, promotion, event or service!

12.) I have a recommendation for the app. How can I share this idea with the OABC?

We love feedback and ideas! We are also hoping to add functionality to the app, including push notifications, event registration, and someday, perhaps integration with Linked In or other networking tools.  Please share feedback, ideas and your experience with our team — you can contact Chief Executive Officer Rebecca Olson at 9721 2137 or Rebecca.olson@oabc.org.

13.) There is a business I’d like to see in the app, but it is not there.  How can I invite other businesses to promote their products in the app?

Thank you for asking this question! All the offers in the app are from OABC member companies.  We are always thrilled when members invite companies to join the membership.  Would you consider recommending OABC membership to friends or colleagues?  We’d be honored to discuss further with them and then to begin promotion of their services via the app.