OABC Member Benefit Program

The Oman American Business Center (OABC: AmCham Oman) continuously strives to increase the added value of your membership with us. As such, we are pleased to invite your business to enroll in our Member Benefit Program for added exposure and benefit for all.

The goal of the Member Benefit Program is to foster business interactivity by fostering a streamlined referral & incentives network amongst our vast community. We invite our members to avail complimentary entry into this program to offer exclusive promotions and incentives to all valued members within the OABC network.

The benefits of your participation in this program are multifold, but primarily, the Member Benefit Program enables your business to cultivate brand awareness and attract loyal customer demand to your products/services through a yearlong promotional campaign on OABC’s platform.

Whether you are a premium or corporate member, the OABC Member Benefit Program is an initiative designed to enhance your membership investment. Members can avail from the below exclusive offers and discounts upon the presentation of the OABC App.

In exchange for your participation, all OABC member participants in the Program will receive:

  • Company logo and incentive description on new OABC app and website.
  • Reference to promotion in the “New Member Welcome Pack”
  • Reference to promotion in all renewal packages sent to renewing members
  • A promotional email introducing the offer to all OABC members upon signing up (depending on value of the offer)
  • Promotion to be included in next OABC Monthly Newsletter after signing up
  • Promotion to be featured as NEW on OABC’s app upon signing up.

If you would like to participate in this unique opportunity to raise the profile of your business within our community, please complete the Member Benefit Program Application Form and include all required attachments below. Please allow one week for a formal review and response from our team. You can email any questions to OABC’s head of Corporate relations , Leanne George at leanne@oabc.org

Program Guidelines

  1. Enrollment in the Membership Benefit Program is available to all OABC premium and corporate members on a complimentary basis as part of their membership benefit.
  2. Offers may be a general discount or applied to a specific product or service line. The OABC reserves the right to reject offers if not deemed to be of significant value to OABC members.
  3. The Member Benefit Program offer, promotional graphic, company logo, and corporate contact information will be listed online at oabc.org and promoted as a part of OABC’s Member Benefit Program awareness campaigns.
  4. Offers listed must be valid and redeemable for a minimum one year term and will be automatically renewed thereafter until the participating company notifies OABC of modification or removal.
  5. The OABC is not liable for any merchandise, service, product, or item purchased or received by OABC members under this program.
  6. The OABC reserves the right to cancel a company’s enrollment in the Membership Benefit Program should there be deemed a need to by the organization or its Board of Directors.
  7. Participation in the Membership Benefit Program does not represent an OABC’s endorsement of any company’s products or services, but rather is only a platform provided to help foster member communication and value.

We look forward to your participation in OABC’s exciting Member Benefit Program!

Program Registration Form

Company Name *
Name of authorized representative *
Is your company a member of the OABC? *
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Description of Promotion or Incentive, including any terms & conditions: (See Program Guidelines) *

Contact Details for Customer Inquiries

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Website/ link to social media pages *
To complete your submission, attach the items listed below with this application: High-resolution promotional flyer/graphic containing full description of discount, or full description on company letterhead, as well as any terms and conditions
Declaration: I confirm that I am the authorized representative of the company providing this promotion. The company agrees to provide given discount to members that have the OABC app as part of OABC’s Member Benefit Program. *

We will make all the relevant staff aware of the details of this offer. I understand that all submissions are subject to approval by the OABC. *