Newsletter Advertising Guidelines




The OABC Newsletter is delivered electronically to subscribers: both members and non-members.  It is delivered monthly. The newsletter currently reaches more than 1,600 business people and associates of the OABC. Advertising opportunity is open to OABC members only.

The purpose of the newsletter is to provide relevant, up-to-date information on OABC news and upcoming events.  It features stories, information, resources and advertising from members.  Advertising is limited to 20% of the newsletter and is contained in a section entitled “Member News.”

Advertising in the newsletter is available to current OABC members whose membership fees are paid, and is subject to the Terms and Conditions outlined in this document.

Types of Advertising:

  1. Announcements about complimentary products or services for OABC Members (free, unlimited)
  2. Advertisements for fee-based services, events and products for sale. Should include an exclusive discount or special for OABC members whenever possible — as follows:
  • Premium members are eligible for:
    • Four (4) advertisements per year; can be published in OABC newsletter or via OABC social media
    • One (1) annual email blast (This is a promotional email sent to all members, apart from the newsletter). We recommend including an exclusive offer for OABC members.
  • Corporate members are eligible for:
    • Two (2) free advertisements per year in the OABC newsletter

Paid Advertisements:

  1. OMR 150 per advertisement, for a maximum of four paid advertisements per year per member in addition to the free advertising above.

Copy Requirements: 

Copy is limited to 80 words, 1 high quality image, and a link to the member’s website.  The Newsletter Editor reserves the right to correct spelling and grammatical errors as required.


Advertising requests must be booked and received in the correct format by the 10th of the month, for advertisements to be placed in that month’s newsletter.  Priority is assigned on a “first in” basis.


Email to request a booking form. Advertisements must be emailed to

Payment details for advertisements will be issued with your booking form. Payments received and confirmed by 15th of the month will be inserted into the following month’s newsletter, pending space available as outlined above.


The OABC reserves the right to refuse advertising if it does not comply with our policies or we deem it unsuitable for our readership.  At a minimum, half of the ads sent by a member company annually should include exclusive specials for OABC members only.  Please note that we will not publish ads that contain, promote or in any way allude to the following:

  • Bulk marketing
  • Discrimination and violence
  • Illegal products and services
  • Politics or religion
  • Sexual content, or adult products
  • Solicitation of funds
  • Tobacco and cigarettes or tobacco-related products
  • Weapons
  • Gambling
  • Alcoholic beverages