Leanne George

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Leanne George holds an MSc in Emerging Economies and International Development from King’s College London. Previously, she has worked with the UN and NGOs across the UK, Tanzania and Oman, focusing on policy, strategic partnerships and community engagement.

Leanne grew up in Oman and is a graduate of the British School Muscat. She has experience working in the Omani context, having worked with Carillion Alawi and Bank Sohar in Oman where she helped develop their CSR strategies; she also worked with UNICEF Muscat as a Communications Specialist. Leanne was elected as a Global Shaper at the Muscat Hub, which is a youth initiative of the World Economic Forum that focuses on three areas of impact including: Climate & Environment, Equity & Inclusion, Education.

In her new role, as Head of Corporate Relations, Leanne is responsible for membership engagement and management of the 165+ companies under the OABC umbrella, she is also in charge of event coordination and marketing.