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Sudeep Joseph asked 1 year ago

What decision are private owned companies taking to reduce non-essential employees, is it a permanent layoff, or long unpaid leave, if so, are this applicable only for expatriates?  

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Anonymous answered 1 year ago
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Anecdotally I have been hearing a number of different approaches taken by different types of companies, depending on how much they have been impacted by the crisis. For example, Oman Air’s CEO announced that the employees whose work has been significantly affected by Covid have seen their salaries reduced temporarily (the directives from the government currently state that salaries may only be reduced for a period of 3 months) or even terminated, given that the company has been directly and significantly impacted as a result of closure of the airports. https://gulfbusiness.com/oman-air-cut-staff-virus-hits-airline-never/
It would be interesting to hear from other companies what measures they are taking internally.

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