CSR Overview

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a thriving business group made up of successful, socially-conscious people, we have both a responsibility and a unique opportunity to give back to the community where we live and work. The OABC’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) subcommittee is devoted to serving the needs of society in real, tangible ways. The subcommittee focuses on supporting social development in three major areas: employment, entrepreneurship, and environment. Using suggestions from OABC members, the subcommittee designs initiatives, events or programs to use the OABC’s resources and expansive network for the good of the community.

Mission, Procedures and Scope

The mission of the OABC Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) subcommittee is to identify activities within the committee scope (employment, entrepreneurship and environment) which are deemed to have a community development impact and are in general alignment with the CSR priorities of the OABC membership (as surveyed from time to time).

  • The subcommittee solicits CSR proposals and suggestions from the OABC membership and the wider community to identify initiatives which are keeping with the mission of the subcommittee.
  • Proposals can also be sent to: info@oabc.org. They should include a description of the proposed activity, background on the implementing organization/s or individual/s, a timeline and a budget.
  • The OABC CSR subcommittee meets on a regular basis (every 4-6 weeks) and as deemed necessary. Recommendations for CSR support and activities will be made to the OABC Board of Directors for final review and approval.
  • Partner organizations are required to submit reports consistently based on the duration of the project (Monthly, Quarterly, Annually).
  • OABC will provide partners a general reporting structure.
  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship
    • Development of SMEs and Entrepreneurs (capacity building)
    • Legal/regulatory advocacy for SMEs (registration, licensing tendering, etc.)
    • Sponsorship of SMEs/Entrepreneur-driven community initiatives
  • Environment
    • Environmental responsibility initiatives
    • Conservation activities (nature reserves, resource conservation, etc.)
    • Green energy initiatives (alternative energies, LEED building, etc.)
  • Screening
    Initial screening is based on the strength of the application and proposal, which includes meeting criteria and application requirements in full.
  • Selection
    Applicants who pass the initial screening will be contacted from the OABC staff for a meeting at a designated date. Final selection will be determined by OABC CSR Committee. Selection is based on meeting one or more of the focus areas and strategic objectives of the CSR committee. Partnerships must be strategic, sustainable, long-term, and include financial or non-financial engagements with organizations that meet the above set criteria. OABC CSR Committee will provide feedback as needed for projects that are not selected for funding or partnership.

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