Ali Al Rahma

oabc board 0011 alrahma

Ali Al Rahma, Board Member of the OABC, is the Head of Partnerships at Knowledge Oman, which is a non-profit organization and a knowledge platform aimed at spreading various knowledge aspects through workshops and seminars.  Ali is a Senior Project Manager at Bank Dhofar and handles Islamic Banking projects and Conventional banking projects.  He graduated with 2 MBAs from Ashland University in Ohio, and was sponsored and funded by a Fulbright Scholarship from the US Department of State.

Ali is also a column writer in Y Magazine, “the Pulse of Oman”.  Most of the topics he covers are about improvements in the service sector, job sector and SME sector in Oman, hoping to draw attention from the respective authorities able to make positive changes in Oman. Being honored to have lived abroad in different countries for more than half of his life outside of Oman, Ali loves and appreciates different traditions and cultures throughout the world.